Manish Jha on Lok Sabha TV Lok Manch Uttar Pradesh ka Ganit

Watch Manish Jha, Political Consultant and Election Strategist in Lok Sabha TV’s Lok Manch – Uttar Pradesh Ka Ganit.

Manish Jha is an established and seasoned Political Consultant and Election Strategist in India.

Manish Jha Election Strategist

Courtesy: Lok Sabha TV

Manish Jha on Lok sabha tv जनपक्ष लोकतंत्र चुनाव और प्रचार

Watch Manish Jha, Political Consultant and Election Strategist in Lok Sabha TV’s जनपक्ष लोकतंत्र चुनाव और प्रचार (Janpaksh Democracy Elections and Propaganda) Manish Jha is an established and seasoned Political Consultant and Election Strategist in India.

Watch The Video Here

Manish Jha, Political Consultant and Election Strategist


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