Assam Assembly Elections 2021; Winning strategy by Janadhar India

Legislative assembly elections are going to be held in Assam soon. Currently, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party is already looking confident of returning to power. BJP has set Mission 100 to win in Assam. That is, the target is to win 100 seats in the 126-member Vidhan Sabha. For this, the party has also changed its old strategies.

The polarization of voters in Assam has been rapid following the Citizenship Amendment Act passed by the Narendra Modi government at the Center last year from Parliament. Last year, many opposition parties strongly opposed this law, but the BJP government controlled it. Apart from this, the BJP has strengthened its hold in almost all areas of Assam within a year.Many protesters also joined BJP. Some have formed their own small parties, which can prove to be a vote for Congress. Apart from this, the former Chief Minister of the state Tarun Gogoi has died, the state leadership of the Congress has also been weakened. This time the BJP can return to Assam again.

Ever since Modi became Prime Minister, he has made a huge contribution to the health services of Assam. A modern super specialty hospital is going to be built in Assam for about 15 lakh temporary and 5-10 lakh permanent population. In Assam, more than 1 lakh namghars are working to advance the Vaishnava sect, our culture, and the message of Shankaradeva. Out of them, the work of giving Rs 2.50-2.50 lakh to 8 thousand nameless people is being done today. Also, the basis of 11 law colleges has been laid. In the first 5 years, sometimes a Prime Minister used to come to the Northeast. But Modi ji himself has visited the Northeast 30 times within 6 years and every time he brought the gift and will continue to bring it further.

To win the election, it is most important to campaign for the election, the party has to campaign for the lane in its own right, for which it is important to have a good election campaign company.

The same Janadhar India is the election management company in Delhi which has started its survey, Janadhar works to bring success to political parties and leaders. Janadhar India team had managed and demonstrated election campaigning strategies in several state elections including Delhi in the recent Lok Sabha and Assembly elections. The team of Janadhar India brings every thing of the candidates to the voters through every possible effort.

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