Election Services in Maharashtra

Janadhar India offers all election and political campaign management services across India for upcoming elections.

Established in the year 2015, Janadhar India specializes in a plethora of services like election research, opinion polls, campaign management, election material, poll worker management, election management software, innovative digital solutions, LED vans, public rallies, vendor management, voter outreach programs, social media outreach, custom websites and tailor-made mobile apps for a wider reach.The company with offices in 9 cities including Pune and Mumbai in Maharashtra, designs and develops a campaign post extensive studies and surveys of the market right down to the booth level. To gain a better understanding, the team approaches every booth to identify the issues and challenges faced and also manage the crucial information of a particular constituency like influencers, poll workers and voters’ mood. Through a dedicated app for the candidate or aspirant, the team also ensures that it supports to get maximum voter’s turn out with the real-time monitoring at polling booth level.
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  • Field Voter connect module in Maharashtra
  • Voter Canvassing in Maharashtra
  • LED and Display Vans in Maharashtra
  • Political Rallies in Maharashtra
  • Social Media Army in Maharashtra
  • Mobile Marketing in Maharashtra
  • Bulk SMS and WhatsAPP in Maharashtra
  • Bulk Voice call and IVRS in Maharashtra
  • Door to Door election campaign in Maharashtra
  • Outdoor and wall painting in Maharashtra
  • Digital Advertising in Maharashtra
  • Cinema Advertising in Maharashtra
  • Voters Survey and Research in Maharashtra
  • Psphological Research in Maharashtra
  • Opinion Poll in Maharashtra
  • Candidate profiling in Maharashtra
  • Election IT Cell in Maharashtra
  • Political Consultancy in Maharashtra
  • How to win election in Maharashtra
  • Assembly Election Management Services in Maharashtra 

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